When COVID-19 is on holiday, gain the health benefits of home travel

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THURSDAY, May 21, 2020 (U.S. Heart Association News) – Since their marriage in 2002, Doug Behan and Lise Deguire have been on safari in Tanzania, watching the sunset on Caldera Island in the Greek Islands and Travel through the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru.

And those are just a few of their annual excursions. "It was on my bucket list that I wanted to visit every continent," Deguire said.

Earlier this year, Yardley, Pennsylvania, the couple began planning a 12-day trip to Japan in March. But then news of COVID-19 began to saturate the wave. In February, the couple made the difficult decision to cancel, instead, booking a one-week trip to New Mexico. As the virus continued to spread further, they also incorporated it, replacing it with a three-day retreat at a local spa.

But on March 19, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered all non-living businesses to close their physical locations.

"That's pretty devastating," Deguire said. "Traveling makes me feel very lively, like living on the edge in a fun and fulfilling way."

Not only tourists are canceling trips. Banks outside of North Carolina have set up checkpoints to welcome visitors, temporarily banning non-residents and unlicensed people. This is one of several resort communities across the country, including Mono and California districts of Mono, which requires travelers to stay away – sacrifice important tourism …


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