News Picture: The On-Again, Off-Again Weight-Loss Diet

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By Canter Canter
Reporter HealthDay

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MONDAY, November 11, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Following a day-to-day weight loss diet can be challenging and even frustrating.

Moreover, following a never ending diet may be the reason you are not getting the results you are looking for. A study in International journal of obesity Finding an alternative can provide better weight loss results and make it easier to stick with.

The "MATADOR" study recruited 51 participants, all of whom were obese. MATADOR stands for minimizing adaptive heat generation and neutralizing obesity recovery.

After four weeks, during which their calorie needs were calculated, participants followed a continuous or "restricted diet" diet for two weeks followed by two weeks off for 16 weeks. Men who followed a restricted diet were more likely to lose weight at the end of the study. This suggests that a two-week, two-week diet plan can help you lose unwanted weight and lose weight.

One theory is that resting keeps your metabolism from being lower at a lower calorie needs, which makes it harder to lose weight without losing more calories.

There is a warning to try this strategy on your own: It is important to be overly restrained during your vacation weeks. Make sure your eating during the holiday week is balanced, with plenty of …


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