News Picture: Vitamin E Compound Likely Culprit Behind Vaping Lung Illnesses, Study Finds

Vitamin E compounds are likely the culprit behind Vaping's lung disease, the study found

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TUESDAY, November 26, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Over the past year, nearly 2,300 Americans have been ill – and 47 have died – because of a mysterious and serious lung disease associated with vaping.

Now, a study of lung diseases in Minnesota supports the notion that a compound called vitamin E acetate, present in many "black market" vape products, could be blamed.

Research shows that although vitamin E acetate was not found in most illegal vape products tested in Minnesota in 2018, a year later – coinciding with a recent disease outbreak – nearly all All such samples contain chemicals.

Chemical analysis of pre and later samples "supports the potential role of vitamin E acetate in the outbreak (disease)", according to a team led by Joanne Taylor, of the Epidemiological Intelligence Service at the Control Center. US Disease Control and Prevention.

The diseases that are affecting vapers can be sudden and serious. Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing and chest pain. Some patients have had too much difficulty breathing with oxygen, and in extreme cases are placed on ventilators.

In the new study, Taylor's team focused on patient data from Minnesota. From August to November 2019, 96 Minnesotans were diagnosed with vaping-related lung injury. Ninety-one percent needed hospitalization, and three died.

As is the case nationwide, patients are often young (average age …


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