Types, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

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Seizures are relatively common in children. Many children with epilepsy will survive pre-adolescence, and if not, treatments usually guarantee a full and healthy life.

In this article, we look at the signs and symptoms of childhood epilepsy, plus different types of seizures and syndromes. We also discuss treatment options for children with this condition.

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A child may experience an aura before a localized seizure.

Seizures that cause seizures start in the brain. It is an almost neurological condition 3 million people experience in the United States, 470,000 including under 17 years old. Most often, adults with epilepsy have their first seizures during childhood or adolescence.

Epilepsy fund estimates that two thirds of children with epilepsy flares when they reach adolescence. Most children can eliminate seizures and prevent side effects with an organized care system.

A doctor can diagnose epilepsy in a child if an individual has had one or more seizures that another condition does not cause. Seizures are more likely to occur in the first year of life.

Seizures affect every child differently, depending on their age, the type of seizure they have, how they respond to treatment, and any other existing health condition.

In some cases, the drug can easily control seizures while other children may experience lifelong challenges with seizures.

There are many different types of seizures and …


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