Top 10 diet trends for 2019

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Is losing weight and eating healthily one of your new year resolutions? You're not alone. Losing weight, eating better and exercising are regular goals for the new year. Before you get ready for 2020, review the top 10 dieting trends searched in Google in 2019.

  • Intermittent fasting: This popular diet involves cycling between eating and not eating. Intermittent fasting may mean you only eat 20 to 25 percent of your recommended daily calories or limit your intake to 8 to 12 hours within 24 hours, according to Or you may not eat anything on certain days.

    Some studies show that intermittent fasting helps people lose weight in the short term, but more research is needed to investigate long-term effects, according to

    Melinda Ratini, DO of MedicineNet, said, "There are also studies showing certain types of fasting can help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, insulin sensitivity and other health problems."

  • Dr. He claims that the diet along with his supplements will alkalize the blood and improve detoxification and promote health. The Physician's Responsible Medicine Committee noted that a plant-based diet high in fiber helps people lose weight.

  • Noom Diet: Noom is an recommended weight loss application …

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