Time spent on links can prolong life

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WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2020 (News HealthDay) – Get your golf club. A new study shows that spending one day green at least once a month can reduce the risk of premature death in older people.

About 25 million Americans play golf, a sport that can reduce stress and provide exercise benefits. Social in nature and playing at a controlled pace, people often continue to enjoy sports in old age.

"Our study is probably the first of its kind to evaluate the long-term health benefits of golf, one of the most popular sports among the elderly in many countries," said Dr. Adnan Qureshi, chief The team said. He is a professor of neurology at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

"The US Department of Health and Human Services' physical activity guidelines for Americans do not include golf in our list of recommended physical activities," Qureshi said in a Heart Association newsletter. United States circuit. "Therefore, we hope our research results can help expand the options for adults including golf."

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from the Heart Health Study, which examined risk factors for heart disease and stroke in adults age 65 and older. Nearly 5,900 participants with an average age of 72 were studied. Of all these patients, 384 were identified as golfers.

During tracking, 8 percent of golfers suffered a stroke and nearly 10 …


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