This year's flu season has a deadly goal in children

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By Alan Mozes
Reporter HealthDay

WEDNESDAY, January 22, 2020 (HealthDay News) – How bad this year's flu season will be or how long it will last. But one thing is clear: It is proving to be an especially dangerous season for infected children.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in less than two months, children may be vulnerable.

Behind that number are tragedies like these:

  • Shortly after the New Year's day, the flu claimed Lacie Rian Fisher of Canton's life, 15 years old, NC Fisher was a healthy, healthy teenager with no previous medical problems, but she had not get a flu shot this year. vaccines, United States today report. She died just three days after feeling sick first.
  • On January 9, 11-year-old Luca Calanni became the second child to die of flu in New York state. The sports-loving boy died three days after he was first discovered by the doctor about the flu Buffalo news.
  • On January 13, Paloma Olivia Harris, 12, became the fourth child to die of flu in Tennessee, Blount County. Daily newspaper report. Her obituary described her as "a beautiful girl with a lot of love to give away."

And even if seriously ill children survive the flu, the consequences can be devastating. Last month, Jade DeLucia, 4, organized a two-week life …


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