The study found no link between statin use and memory damage in older adults

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The researchers concluded that there was no link between statin use and memory impairment, after evaluating the effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs over 6 years in more than 1,000 elderly people in Australia.

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New research reinforces the idea that statins are safe for use by older people.

A research team from the Garvan Medical Research Institute and the University of New South Wales (UNSW), both in Sydney, Australia, led the study.

"For more than 6 years, there has been no difference in the rate of memory decline or global awareness between statin users and never users," they wrote in a recent issue. Journal of the American Heart University paper on findings.

In fact, for some individuals, statins may even offer some protection against memory impairment, they propose.

The results showed that, among participants with risk factors for dementia, statin users had a slower rate of memory decline and thinking skills than those who did not take the drug.

The researchers hope that these findings will help alleviate the fears of consumers who have become concerned following reports of isolated cases of statin users with reduced cognition.

"Many factors can contribute to the cognitive symptoms that isolated case reports describe," said first study author Kinda Samara, professor at the Garvan Institute and head of the Fat Laboratory. Obesity, Nutrition and Biology Adipose said.

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