The need for work and family life can affect women's heart health

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Researchers believe that stress and heart health are linked in some way, but the association is still not entirely clear. A new large-scale study recently delved into the impact of a unique kind of stress.

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A balance between work and home life stresses women's heart health.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), stress can affect factors increased risk of heart disease, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A major source of stress is the workplace

In fact, a 2015 review of 27 studies appeared in the journal Current Cardiovascular Report find a link between work stress and "moderate risk of coronary heart disease and stroke".

However, one type of stress that researchers often overlook research is a person's sense of need to simultaneously balance the needs of work and home life.

Examining this deeper can ultimately help health professionals identify and better treat cardiovascular problems. This is according to the authors of the new study, currently appearing in Journal of the American Heart Association.

What is the conflict between work and family?

Cardiovascular diseases are now the leading cause of death worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Health professionals can determine people's heart health scores. Based on seven figures including diet, blood pressure and physical activity levels, the researchers who conducted the new study used this score to …


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