The impact of mental health training at work

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A new study has found that managers who access mental health training in their workplace have an improved understanding of mental health in general and they are actively working to help. Prevent mental health problems in the people they manage.

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Mental health training programs can significantly improve employee health and performance.

In Sweden, managers are responsible for their employees – not only in relation to their job performance, but also for their health and safety.

This new research, appears in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, as a result of a web survey that asked 4,737 managers in Sweden to find out how their management skills improved the workplace and employee well-being.

Mental health survey at work

Participants were recruited through The Citizen Panel project, run by the Research Laboratory, at Gothenburg University, as well as the Helix Competence Center, at Linköping University, in Sweden.

In the group initially surveyed, the researchers eventually included 2,921 managers in their analysis.

In the survey, respondents answered many questions about their management roles and any preventive actions they took regarding the mental health of employees.

The survey found that half of managers considered their employees' responsibilities in their efforts to prevent mental health issues that may have occurred over the past 2 years. In…


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