Research shows how diabetes medicine promotes healthy aging

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Doctors often prescribe metformin to help people with type 2 diabetes lower blood sugar. The drug increases insulin sensitivity through its effect on glucose metabolism.

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Metformin may have surprising benefits in the fight against age-related illness.

However, despite clear evidence of the effectiveness of metformin, scientists do not fully understand how it interacts with cells and tissue at the molecular level.

Now, a new one Mobile report The study mapped the metformin activity in the liver and yielded some surprising results.

Using cell and mouse cultures, the researchers have identified many biochemical switches to turn on and off molecular and cell processes.

These findings not only shed light on metformin's glucose control mechanism but also on an incredible number of other reactions and pathways.

The researchers suggest, for example, that the new findings could help explain recent revelations about metformin's apparent ability to promote healthy aging.

Large-scale clinical trials of metformin have been conducted to test the effectiveness of the drug in extending life expectancy and health life – that is the ratio of the life span of a person to whom they are in good health. However, the basic biochemistry was not clear.

The team from three research centers studied: Salk Biological Research Institute, Scripps Research Institute – both in La Jolla, CA – and Weill Cornell University of Medicine in New York.

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