Parks with irregular shapes can increase life expectancy

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More and more studies are emphasizing the importance of green space for longevity. The new study adds an important nuance to the mounting evidence – the shape of these parks also plays an important part in preventing death.

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Medical news today has just reported on the most comprehensive analysis to date on the relationship between green space and mortality.

A review of nine long-term studies covering seven countries, 8 million people and up to 22 years of follow-up concluded that green urban space can help increase the life expectancy for surrounding residents.

Other benefits of living next to green spaces include better mental health, potentially healthier gut microbial components and less unhealthy cravings.

But, when it comes to stopping premature mortality, is the shape of the parks important?

This is the question that Huaquing Wang, a PhD in regional and urban sciences research at Texas A&M University, poses in response to Lou Tassinary, a visual professor at the same institution.

"Nearly all studies investigating the impact of the natural environment on human health have focused on the amount of green space in the community," the researchers explained the motivation for their research.

"We see that the shape or form of green space plays an important role in this link," they added. The findings appear in the journal Health planet Lancet.

Study the shape and mortality of the park

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