New MRI scans show brain characteristics of depression

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Recent advances in brain scans can bring welcome news to people with depression. Two new types of MRI appear to detect distinct brain characteristics of this condition.

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New MRI scans can show previously unknown differences in the brains of depressed people.

The researchers say their findings deepen knowledge about depression affecting the brain and will lead to better treatments.

One of the new types of MRI shows differences in the blood brain barrier (BBB) ​​and others highlight differences in the intricate brain's network of connections.

Scientists have recently used new MRI technologies in people with or without major depressive disorder (MDD).

Presentations of the findings presented this week at RSNA 2019, the 105th annual meeting of the North American Radiology Association, are taking place in Chicago, IL.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is more affected 264 million people all around the world.

Depression and BBB

Depression is more than the sadness that most people experience in everyday life. It can be a serious health condition, especially when symptoms persist. The most severe forms of depression can lead to suicide.

Loss of interest in daily activities, feelings of despair and fatigue are some of the key symptoms of MDD.

Although scientists know that brain changes are associated with the symptoms of MDD, their understanding of the underlying mechanisms is insufficient to accommodate …


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