Make your heart a benefit: Bike, walk to work

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FRIDAY, December 27, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Leave your car in the garage if you can: A new study shows that walking or cycling to work can reduce your risk heart attack.

Researchers analyzed 2011 data from 43 million working adults in the UK and found that 11.4% were active workers, with 8.6% walking to work and 2, 8% bicycling to work.

In areas where walking or cycling to work was more common in 2011, the rate of heart attacks will decrease in men and women in the next two years.

The main risk factors for heart disease include inactivity, being overweight, smoking and diabetes, the study authors noted.

After adjusting for these factors, investigators found that women who worked in 2011 had a 1.7% lower risk of heart attack the following year, and men who cycleed to work with them. risk of heart attack.

The study of Leeds University was recently published online in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The findings show that "exercising as a means of commuting is associated with a lower level of heart attack. The benefits of regular exercise are numerous and we support initiatives to help people become and remain active, "said study co-author Alistair Brownlee. a college newsletter.

Lead author Chris Gale added, "While we cannot conclude that positive travel to work reduces the risk of a heart attack, the study points to such a relationship." …


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