Looking to work on a bike? You can live longer

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TUESDAY, February 25, 2020 (HealthDay News) – Do you ride a bicycle to work? If you don't, maybe you should.

Why? A cyclist is at risk of premature death, a new study from New Zealand shows.

Researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, University of Melbourne and University of Auckland found that commuters had a 13% reduction in deaths during the study.

Lead researcher, Dr. Caroline Shaw, said that reducing the mortality rate is a health benefit of physical activity that is often not seen when walking or taking public transport.

For the study, Shaw and her team analyzed data from 3.5 million New Zealanders.

"We studied 80% of New Zealand's working-age population over a 15-year period, so it is highly representative," Shaw said in a new University of Otago newsletter.

Only 3% of those studied bicycling to work. By comparison, more than 80% of people in New Zealand go to work by car.

"There is a gender difference in the mode of transportation to work, with 2% of women riding bicycles compared to 4% of men, but many women walking or jogging (7%) compared to men (5). %), "Said Shaw. "A higher proportion of young people ride bicycles, walk or take public transport than the elderly."

Details of the physical intensity of travel were not recorded. Also, research only found an association and could not prove a …


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