Is your smartphone or tablet at risk of injury?

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TUESDAY, February 25, 2020 (HealthDay News) – This is a good reason to put your electronics down whenever you can: Experts say using them improperly or too often could put you at risk of injury.

"When people put their hands, arms or neck in uncomfortable positions for a long time, it can lead to stress and overuse," said Dr. Michael Darowish, orthopedic surgeon at Pennsylvania State Medical Center Milton S. Hershey said.

Overuse, nerve and neck injuries are three common types of problems, he said.

Nearly all types of abuse injuries like "thumbs of swip" and "iPad hands" are a type of tendonitis.

"Usually we see it as arthritis caused by De Quervain, tendonitis that abducts the thumb," Darowish said in a Pennsylvania state press release. "Pregnant women and parents who regularly lift children are just as likely."

Tendonitis may also occur on the fingers or wrists. Pain while texting, pain and tenderness are mild symptoms.

Rest, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and activity changes may reduce pain. Severe cases may require cortisone injections, braces or even surgery to soothe inflamed tendons, according to Darowish.

Neurological injuries include "mobile elbows", capable of stimulating the ulnar nerve that runs from the elbow to the small finger (mass tunnel syndrome). Common symptoms include ring numbness.


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