Is virtual doctor safe for heart failure patients?

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THURSDAY, July 30, 2020 (News from the American Heart Association)

According to a new study also shows that virtual examination is an option that does not prevent missed appointments safely via telehealth.

"There is still a significant number of people who do not appear," said Dr. W.H. Wilson Tang, director of research on heart failure and transplantation at the Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute. He is the co-author of the study published Thursday in the journal American Heart Association Circulation: Heart Failure, with Dr. Eiran Gorodeski. They tested whether or not the program could be reduced by giving heart failure patients the option to see a doctor without going to the office.

Although it is unclear why, only 65% ​​of patients with hospitalization for heart failure see a doctor during the first two weeks of discharge, although evidence shows that doing so is associated with a lower risk of hospitalization.

Although the study did not show a statistically significant reduction in program participation rates, it did show that virtual visits could be as safe as direct visits – an important finding made possible. out during the quick transition to telehealth caused by COVID-19, Tang said. The study found no significant difference in hospitalization rates, emergency room visits, or deaths …


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