Is there a link between muscle mass and cardiovascular risk?

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A new study found a link between lower muscle mass and a higher risk of cardiovascular events – at least for men age 45 and older. The association, the study shows, is valid even for men without a history of heart disease.

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Losing muscle mass is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular problems in men age 45 and older.

Some skeletal muscle mass loss occurs naturally as people get older. This process specifically affects men.

In fact, research shows that after 30 years of age, muscle mass tends to decrease 3 heads5% every decade in men.

Everyone can prevent and minimize this loss by staying active. If they don't, it can contribute to poor health and happiness.

Some previous studies show that people with cardiovascular disease who lose higher muscle mass also have one the risk of premature death is higher.

However, to date, very few studies have looked at the possible association between muscle mass and cardiovascular risk in people without heart or circulatory problems.

Now, experts from the Biom├ędica en Red de Salud Mental Investigation Center in Madrid, Spain, the University of Canberra in Australia and the University of Athens in Greece have conducted a study aimed at filling the research gap. save that.

New research – results appear in Journal of Epidemiology & Community Healthand the first author, Stefanos Tyrovolas, analyzed data from a group of male participants aged 45 …


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