How to play in a brass band can increase your health

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New research from the UK shows that players in a brass band experience many physical and mental health benefits – partly from playing an instrument, and in part, thanks to the sensation be put into a group.

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Recent research can bring you many health and mental health benefits, recent research shows.

A large number of recent studies have shown that listening to music can help improve a person's cognitive and physical health, as well as increase their resilience to stress.

Base on the research Medical news today With late insurance, this passive effort can protect heart health from everyday stressors and reduce anxiety before surgery. It can also increase the effectiveness of painkillers and even help people with Alzheimer's to control their symptoms.

But what about making music? Does this affect a person's health and well-being, and if so what is it?

According to a new study from the University of Sheffield in the UK, individuals at least playing in a brass band can, at the very least, reap the benefits of their music.

Research – results appear in Borders in psychology: Performance science – comes from self-reported that 346 adults playing in brass bands are sent through detailed surveys.

In surveys, investigators asked participants to answer questions about how they perceived their own physical and psychological health, as well as …


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