How heavy at work affects cardiovascular health

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New research shows that high-intensity exercise-based exercise is beneficial for heart health, but continued hard work can have a negative effect.

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New research shows how strenuous physical activity affects arterial health.

Health professionals have consistently exerted the benefits of physical activity, especially preventing cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

A study in Hypertension Now has begun to consider the effect of different types of exercise on a person's heart health.

Research shows that some physical activity can actually be detrimental to a person's health.

4 different types of physical activity

Jean-Philippe Empana of Inserm / Université de Paris, in France, working with colleagues from Australia, led the research.

The authors analyzed data from Paris's 10-year Prospective Study III, tracking the health of 10,000 people aged 50 to 75 years.

As part of that study, participants filled out questionnaires that included physical activity in four different categories:

  • High intensity sports activities
  • Efforts from work-related tasks, such as lifting and moving heavy objects
  • Low-impact exercise from recreational activities, such as walking with friends, gardening, etc.
  • total physical activity

Empana said: "Our idea is to consider whether all types of physical activity are beneficial or, in some cases, physical activity can be harmful."

"We want, in …


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