How does a hot flash feel? Signs and symptoms

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Hot flashes are common during menopause, just as during menopause, which is the period before menstruation ends.

A 2015 study showed four out of five women Experienced hot flashes in middle age. On average, symptoms last more than 7 years. However, some participants reported heat waves that lasted for a decade or even longer.

Not hot flashes or menopause are dangerous or symptoms of the disease. However, the sudden warming of a heat wave can be uncomfortable.

In this article, learn more about the burning sensation and what to expect.

Hot flashes cause a sudden burning sensation in the upper body. A person may experience symptoms in the chest, arms, neck or face.

Heart rate also tends to increase during a heat wave, increasing the feeling of heat. Most heat spells last between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, but they can be longer.

The frequency of hot flashes varies significantly between individuals. For example, they can occur many times in an hour, several times a day or less than once a week. Some people find that their hot flashes follow a predictable pattern.

During a heat wave, the blood vessels in the upper body expand, allowing more blood circulation to this area. This increases blood flow which can cause blurred patches on the skin, or flushing.

Some people report experiencing anxiety or stress during the heat, especially if they are out in public and feel worried about looking flushed.

After a heat wave, when the body tries to cool itself, a person can …


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