High school challenges add to the stress of teachers

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TUESDAY, February 11, 2020 (HealthDay News) – From hormonal changes to new schedules and changing expectations, children face challenges when they enter middle school. But students and parents are not the only ones stressed.

Researchers from the University of Missouri found that 94% of junior high school teachers experienced high levels of stress. Reducing this burden can improve student success, the researchers said.

"Many studies on teacher stress have used samples from elementary schools," said study author Keith Herman, a professor at MU Education College. "However, secondary schools are a particularly important time in the lives of students when they transfer from elementary school and have many different teachers. It is important that we understand the stress that affects teachers. high school students so we can find a way to support them. "

Herman and colleagues analyzed data from nine middle schools in the Midwest. They considered the teacher's ability to cope and stress self-report, as well as student behavior and parent involvement.

While nearly all teachers experience high levels of stress, their coping skills are diverse. Sixty-six percent reported high stress and high coping and 28% reported high stress and low coping. Only 6% reported low stress and high coping.

"Unfortunately, our findings show that many teachers do not receive the support they need to deal with stressors in their work," Herman …


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