News Picture: Gunshot Wounds Have Long-Term Health Consequences: Study

Gun wounds have long-lasting health consequences: Research

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WEDNESDAY, November 27, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Emergency patients treated for gunshot wounds to the chest or abdomen are more likely to reappear in hospitals than those with wounds so in other areas of the body. Research found.

The study included 110 patients with a history of gunshot wounds. Most were men, with an average age of 50. The patients were seen in the emergency department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Of these patients, 36 were treated for nerve, abdominal or chest lesions or limbs.

Eighteen were getting back for complications from their previous gun wounds. Three surgeries – two of which are breast augmentation surgery – have been performed.

Twenty-four patients suffered from nerve trauma, while nine had wounds in the abdomen or chest. Three patients had major vascular injuries, the study found.

The findings are scheduled for presentation next week at the annual meeting of the North American Radiology Association, in Chicago. Research presented at meetings should be reviewed preliminary until published in a peer review journal.

"The place you were shot affects your long-term health," said Dr. Corbin Pomeranz, an X-ray resident.

When it comes to treating wounded patients with guns, he notes that much of the cost is due to ongoing care, including handling complications.

"Much of the research …


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