Green spaces in the city can help people live longer

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The world's largest assessment so far has identified just how important urban green spaces are to preventing early death.

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New research reinforces the idea that green spaces help increase longevity.

Some 63% of people in the United States living in cities.

Some cities are greener than others – Philadelphia, for example, has a long history of urban greening and is even looking to increase 20% of green space – and northern cities tend to have zero. green space less than the south.

Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking to highlight the importance of green space for health and public health.

Urban green spaces such as parks, sports fields, forests, lakeside and gardens provide people with space for physical activity, relaxation, peace and escape from the heat. Experiments have shown that these spaces reduce stress and enhance mental and physical health.

Green spaces are also associated with better air quality, reduced traffic noise, cooler temperatures and greater diversity.

Moreover, recent estimates come around 3.3% global deaths due to lack of physical activity, mainly due to poor mobility and limited access to recreational areas.

However, many of these studies only look at a specific time period and have changed the way they measure people's green space usage.

Now, the most comprehensive assessment to date has analyzed nine long-term studies spanning seven countries, 8 million people and several years …


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