News Picture: Fewer Americans Now Struggle With

Fewer Americans are struggling with using 'pot' issues.

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By Dennis Thompson
Reporter HealthDay

TUESDAY, November 26, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Today, there are fewer "potholes" issues before the wave of marijuana legalization has swept the United States, a new analysis of inter-survey data. bang shows.

According to the results published in the December 1 issue Depends on drugs and alcohol.

This includes a 27% reduction in problem use among teens; 30% reduction in young people; and decreased by 37.5% among adults aged 26 and over in the period of 2002-2016, the results showed.

"The number of people with problems, instead of increasing as expected, has decreased," said senior researcher Dr Silvia Martins. She is the director of the narcotic epidemiology unit at Mailman School of Public Health, in New York City.

For the study, her team analyzed data from the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health, not participating in regular marijuana users. Investigators defined a regular user as someone who used marijuana at least 300 days in the previous year.

The questionnaire survey can be used to diagnose marijuana use disorders. These include questions about whether someone's use makes them develop stamina, whether their use causes social or legal problems, and whether they …


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