News Picture: Dramatic Drop Seen in Kids Choking to Death on Household Objects

Dramatic drop in children Choking to death on household objects

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By Serena Gordon
Reporter HealthDay

TUESDAY, November 26, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Efforts to reduce choking death in young children seem to be paying off: A new report shows the number of children dying from suffocation due to household objects The family has fallen 75% since 1968.

Dr John Cramer said regulations, more education on the risk of choking and guidance from organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics may have played a role in the downtrend.

Cramer said that the rules may have played the most important role in reducing child deaths due to suffocation on small objects.

"Some rules in the last 50 years have forced people to do the right thing. When you buy toys or cribs now, products are designed so they don't choke. If you're a parent and you're shopping A crib, you don't need to think about buying a crib with small parts; it's been regulated, "Cramer said. He is an assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology – head and neck surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit.

An example cited by the study authors is a 1979 law regarding products designed for young children. Products made for young children can no longer contain parts small enough to fit into a test tube about the size of the airways of children under 3 years old.

For the study, researchers looked at national data from 1968 to 2017. In 1968, 719 people died in …


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