Can High Tempo melodies help maximize your workout?

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WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2020 (HealthDay News) – The gyms are bustling with regulators and solvers, all sweating. But what is the secret to easy, effective training? It could be in the music.

A new study shows that listening to music at higher tempo reduces exercise efforts. For endurance exercises, such as walking on a treadmill, the effect is greatest.

"We found that listening to high-tempo music during exercise led to the highest heart rate and lowest cognitive effort, compared to not listening to music," study author Luca Paolo Ardigo, from Verona University. in Italy said. "This means the exercise seems less effortless, but it is more beneficial in terms of physical fitness."

The benefits of listening to music during exercise have been noted by previous studies. Music can serve as a distraction from the uncomfortable part of exercise. Understanding what nature and what type of music is optimal for increasing exercise can be the key to better exercise, Ardigo and colleagues noted.

They analyzed the impact of music tempo on 19 women performing endurance exercises or high intensity exercises, such as lifting weights. Volunteers exercise in silence or while listening to music at a tempo range.

The effects are less noticeable in people who perform high-intensity exercises ….


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