Can children spread COVID-19? – Medical news

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By Dennis Thompson
Reporter HealthDay

FRIDAY, July 31, 2020

A new study found that children with COVID-19 carry coronaviruses in their nose as adults, suggesting they may pose a serious risk of serious infection if schools and day care centers reopen.

A trial conducted in Chicago in March and April showed that children and adolescents tend to have as much nasal infection as adults, according to a research letter published online on July 30. JAMA Pediatrics.

In fact, children under 5 years of age carry the highest viral load, the researchers report.

Dr Taylor Heald-Sargent, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at Lurie Children Hospital in Chicago, said: "It involves the youngest people who have the highest viral load." "They are not always the ones who wash their hands or wear masks."

The findings raise questions about previous epidemiological studies that seem to indicate that children do not have a tendency to spread new coronaviruses between them or frequently infect adults.

Based on those studies, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argued last week about reopening the nation's schools.

"Some of the arguments made regarding schools and day care is that maybe kids can't produce viruses effectively in their noses, and that's why they don't get sick. , "Heald-Sargent …


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