Bad sleep, bad diet = Bad heart?

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TUESDAY, February 25, 2020 (HealthDay News) – It's a dangerous equation: Poor sleep causes a bad diet and two people may be at higher risk for obesity and heart disease In women, a new study says.

"Women are particularly susceptible to sleep disturbances throughout their lives, because they often assume the responsibility of caring for children and families and later, for menopause hormones," says Brooke Aggarwal, assistant professor of science. Health in Columbia said. University Doctor and Surgeon.

The researchers analyzed the sleeping and eating habits of a diverse ethnic group of nearly 500 women, aged 20 to 76 years.

Similar to previous studies, this study found that women with poorer sleep quality consumed higher levels of added sugar related to obesity and diabetes.

Women who sleep longer have higher calories and eat more food by weight, and women with more severe insomnia symptoms consume more food by weight and less unsaturated fat than those who do. mild insomnia.

"Our explanation is that women with poor sleep may overeat at subsequent meals and make unhealthy food choices," Aggarwal said in a university press release. learn.

The study was recently published online in Journal of the American Heart Association.

"Poor sleep quality can lead to overeating and calorie intake by stimulating hunger …


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