Anxiety and high blood pressure: Link, difference and treatment

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Anxiety and high blood pressure can sometimes go hand in hand. Anxiety can lead to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can cause anxiety.

Doctors characterized anxiety as intense feelings of anxiety or fear. It causes many physical symptoms, including increased heart rate and shallow breathing. Anxiety time may also temporarily raise blood pressure.

Meanwhile, long-term high blood pressure – what doctors call hypertension – can make people feel worried about their health and the future.

Read on to learn more about the relationship between anxiety and high blood pressure, as well as how to treat both conditions.

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Blood pressure may increase during anxiety.

Anxiety causes the release of stress hormone in the body. These hormones trigger an increase in heart rate and constrict blood vessels. Both of these changes cause blood pressure to rise, sometimes suddenly.

Doctors believe anxiety is the reason behind white-coat hypertension – a phenomenon in which some individuals always have higher blood pressure readings at a doctor's office than at home.

Anxiety due to anxiety is temporary and will subside as the anxiety subsides. However, frequent high levels of anxiety can damage the heart, kidneys and blood vessels, the same way long-term hypertension can.

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