News Picture: Heart Attack at 44 Helped Her Realize Diabetes

A heart attack at age 44 helped her recognize the dangers of diabetes

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By Serena Gordon
Reporter HealthDay

MONDAY, December 2, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Christina Herrera was 44 years old when she felt the symptoms of a heart attack.

"I was sweating, my heart was racing and I was having trouble breathing," the high school teacher said. "My school nurse said: 'I have to call an ambulance for you' and I say I'll go later. I have to go back to class. She said, 'You have to go now.' hours & # 39 ;. "

It was a good thing Herrera listened to her.

The doctors initially could not find anything wrong with her heart, but they offered a cardiac catheterization. It is a procedure in which a thin tube is threaded through blood vessels to the heart. It allows doctors to see and sometimes treat narrowed blood vessels.

In Herrera's case, doctors discovered three congestion blocks. So the teacher just wanted to go back to the classroom that ended the surgery three times.

Connecting diabetes-heart disease

The trouble in Herrera's heart does not break out of the blue. Her mother and father died of heart disease related to diabetes and her sister Jessica was only 35 years old when she died of heart complications related to diabetes.

Herrera was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, but had not had type 2 diabetes before heart surgery. She was also informed that her cholesterol was higher than necessary. And she said she worked hard to take better care of herself. "I thought, I would not have soda and I would have …


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